Leaflet Distribution Terms

So many words used to describe leaflet distribution have caused new leafleters

whose native language is not english to get confused. Here is a list made from monitoring all conversations and written instructions to clarify each.

Leaflets - the promotional flyer being put through a door - usually A5 paper or card.

door to door - the action of going from house to house and putting the leaflet through the letter box

leaflet distribution - the official term for leaflet distribution

leaflet delivery - another, less official term

flyer delivery- same thing as some call them by an older word

letterbox distribution - letter box really, more accurate for flats perhaps, more a post office term for letters though.

leaflets distribution - is this grammatically correct? Best avoid.

leaflets delivering - again, a question of grammar, best avoid.

leafleting - what the leafleters are doing

leaflet marketing - a business term for what we do

leaflet drops - more a leaflet company term as we go out as a team to an area like Cambridge or Southend on Sea

leaflet dropping - simply the verb form of the term above

leaflet drop - singular for when we do just one area

leaflet distributors - plural form for the people doing the work

leaflet distributor - singular from for one of the people doing the leaflet deliveries

leaflet distribution companies - companies like our own that promote businesses by distributing fliers

leaflet delivering - the action of what we are doing as we work

leaflet company - singular term for our type of company

flyer distribution - older term for leaflet distribution - a leaflet was called a flyer - not sure why, I'll try to find out

door to door leaflet - an odd term for a leaflet - probably due to the name of our company

door to door distribution - what we do - you need to use intelligence though, if it is a leaflet promoting patio's then don't distribute to flats that have none!

door to door delivery - same as above really, English often has many ways of saying the same thing!

distributing leaflets - again this is what we do when working - just the plural form

deliver leaflets - deliver and distribute are much the same term, don't worry about which is used or which to use

leaflet - I covered this above under leaflets.

distribution leaflet - same as leaflet, it would mean the one we are doing and not just any leaflet though.

door to door - the action of moving house to house to deliver the leaflets

leaflet distribution - put this way round it is a grammatical way of describing the work we do rather than the flier itself.

leaflet distributor - that's you who is working

leaflet delivery - synomous with distribution

leaflet distributors - could be the team working or companies like ours

leafleting - the simplest and broadest term to describe our work

flyer distribution - an older way of saying what we do

business leaflets - could mean any leaflet but we use this to describe leaflets going to businesses rather than residential homes

door to door delivery - some use this for delivering goods but we use it for the same thing - leaflet distribution really.

leaflets delivering - this isn't good English, avoid it

leaflets distribution - again, a bit clumsy, avoid

leaflet prices - this is what we charge the customer for printing leaflets

handing out leaflets - this is when we are on the street passing leaflets to passers by - in their hand, rather than door to door through a letter box.

leaflet marketing - just a term companies use to describe what we do

leaflet distribution services - this covers all the things we do, printing, designing leaflets, storing them etc. as well as the actual distribution itself.

door to door flyers - probably incorrect, I think flyers were stuck on walls rather than posted through a letter box.

flyer delivery service - same as leaflet delivery service really, as is flyer distributing.